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Igmos is a 321 year old imp who was created from a soul larvae by the master devil Margon. Considered an anomaly, Igmos is larger and rounder than normal Imps, standing at 4’6. He is a giant among his kind. Adding further insult, he came out wingless and tailless which caused him to be shunned. This made him bitter with hate for other imps. He made up for his shortcomings with magic ability and cunning. He served his master for 201 years until he was proficient with his abilities. Once powerful enough he tricked his master and escaped. During the escape, many imps were killed as well as Margon’s favorite thung demon Rex (demon dog). Margon has a standing KOS order for Igmos and a substantial reward for his head. Since the escape, Igmos spends his time tricking adventurers to do his bidding by stealing artifacts from demon kind.

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